Every human being is worthy of mercy and to be free from abuse regardless of their health choices

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Love, mercy, and rebirth come through the Spirit of Christmas. Deepening on this: How can we grow closer to God through one another? We each have opportunities to release parts of the material world that may not serve us and explore the spiritual realm that awaits — and already exists.

Raising Concerns About “Anti-Racism” with Integrity and Poise

Headshot courtesy of Jodi Shaw. (with permission)

Jodi Shaw is blowing the whistle on the racially hostile environment at Smith College. Watch our full interview below (Part 1 of my new podcast “Leaving the Left For Liberty”) to hear more of her thoughts on what makes a hero, choosing freedom over comfort, the tension between individualism and…

An Inner Child’s Cry for Belonging in the Face of Labels Like “Repugnant” and “Pure Garbage”

Me, Halloween 1998, “The Night.” Photo by Bahereh Khodadoost.

When I was in third grade, I announced to my mom a new idea for a Halloween costume: “I want to be THE NIGHT.”

She paused and questioned: “Like a knight who fights?”

“NO,” I asserted. “THE NIGHT. That shines.”

Relieved, I imagine, that her flower child did not want…

After leaving the left for liberty in 2020, I know unity is not the easy way out. Real unity starts from within.

This guest essay from Braver Angels member Sienna Mae Heath is being published ahead of FreedomFest, where she will speak on a panel called “Creating Unity in a Divided World,” after a screening of her film ‘Real Unity,’ on July 24th, 2021. Image: Unsplash by Dingzeyu Li.
Unsplash by Dingzeyu Li

I’m not sure I’m ready to unify with everyone right now. There are just some things I cannot reckon with.

A call to unite naturally shines light on division. As the divide grows, certain stories seem to be treated as more equal than others. We, human beings, are made of…

My Declaration as an Independent & Humble Harvest of Truth

Screenshot from “Real Unity” video about becoming politically independent in the US and finding unity within (Directed & Edited by Free The People’s Sam Martin — Featuring Sienna Mae Heath)
Screenshot from “Real Unity” video by Free The People. Directed & Edited by Sam Martin.

The first taste of ideological unity I experienced in 2020 was not online. It was not on TV. It was at a quiet place — a local farm near where I live in Pennsylvania.

When I picked up seedlings there last May, I felt overwhelmed with peace. We were not…

How I Find Empathy and Wisdom in My Alternate Reality of America

If it is true that Trump supporters are victims of narcissistic abuse, then censoring and silencing them is abuse too.
Image by TheDigitalArtist, Pete Linforth, Pixabay

When I was married to a narcissist, some friends would question my judge of character. Some mocked and chastised me in my own home. “You married too young,” one said. “We told you so,” another whispered. Two others gathered in the kitchen late at night, making plans, while I lingered…

Sienna Mae Heath

Empowering empaths and survivors through story. Moving to Substack: siennamaeheath.substack.com.

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